About Me

Thanks very much for visiting my website. Here's my story so far...

I was born in Brighton in 1983 but that was a long time ago. Lets fast forward a bit!

I have always been a keen golfer. I still play now to a fairly reasonable standard. My current handicap is 4.7 (on 18/04/2017).

Golf was all I ever wanted to do, so when I got to the end of my school days, I decided to persue this as a career and in 2008 I was excited to finally achieve my dream and became a professional golfer. I have written a few blogs over my time in golf. Here is the blog post I wrote to explain my decision to come away from professional golf in 2010.

Here's a few links if you'd like to read more of my previous blogs:

So, following on from golf I decided that as an avid internet user I would love to learn what's involved in creating websites. What an adventure! What a challenge! Where do I start? As you can imagine, many questions to ask but I was certainly intrigued to find out more and see what I could do and how far I could get.

To cut a long story short* I commenced on a campaign of watching YouTube video, buying magazines, listening to podcasts and basically finding out as much as I could to teach myself how to write html and css code. At the time, that's all I thought was required to get the job done. I certainly had no concept of databases, or server side code, certainly not the concept of the differences between being a front and back website developer.

This was when I encountered PHP. In hindsight I guess I could have become a Java, Python, Ruby developer or indeed any other server side language but PHP is the one I discovered first which has stuck and I continue to love using it today.

Once I encountered PHP I realised this was something I would need to know, and the realisation that I could make my websites dynamic was thrilling.

To fast-track the story from there I was able to land my first role with a company in Sevenoaks as a Junior PHP developer and shortly after that I landed a more permanent role with my current company Cube Design in Horsemonden, Kent before they moved to their current office in Tonbridge. I was office based with them until October 2015 and then from there due to moving to the west country I have begun working remotely for them.

I typically now use the Laravel PHP Framework (PHP frameworks are a whole other topic in themselves) to handle my server side code with a MYSQL database (SequelPro is my choice of SQL client). I like to develop using Sublime Text 2 and use GIT in my projects in order to handle workflow and deployment.

Another project I am involved with is a podcast 3 Devs and a Maybe which I co-founded with 3 good developer friends of mine: Edd Mann, Michael Budd and Fraser Hart. The show covers a multitude of topics, a lot of rambles (I say 'uh' and 'uhm' a LOT!) but ultimately it's our vehicle for a good catch up and discussion of the kind of things we are working on in our day to day jobs. Give it a listen.

So thats, very much a concise version of the story so far, but thank you for taking the interest and having a read.

Please feel free to drop me a line or make a comment.
Have a good day,

*In June 2014 I was asked by David Connelly of the DC Radio Network to record a show talking about my pathway into website development. You can listen to it here. David, apologies again for my naff impression of you at the start and thanks for the opportunity.

I can't thank the following people enough for their content and learning materials. These gave me the building blocks for becoming a PHP Developer and ultimately shaping where I am today:

  • Bucky Roberts (The New Boston). Bucky is an entertaining and intuitive tutor. He has a way of putting the listener at ease by speaking in plain english and natural humour.
  • Alex Garrett (CodeCourse - formerly PHP Academy). Alex's clear and concise tutorials and content introduce me to the concepts of Object Oriented Programming, how to use databases and many more.
  • Laracasts - Jeffrey Way's website 'Laracasts' is absolutely outstanding. You can be forgiven for thinking that this site is purely for Laravel developers. Although this suits me as I do use Laravel, there are tons of videos on subjects like general PHP, design patterns, SOLID principles, front end Javascript frameworks like Vue, Angular and React. Jeffrey can take any subject and make it understandable. His videos are probably the ones I watch most often.
  • 2 Create A Website - Lisa Irby - Lisa was responsible at a very early stage for making me aware that 'tables' are not the way to go when it comes to page layouts and CSS (I had just completed an Open University course which advocated the use of tables!). Lisa's tutorials provided an excellent introduction into HTML & CSS. They were the first ones I used of any tutorials.